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Floods Response at Glance

In May 2014, the heaviest rain falls, since the beginning of record keeping in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 120 years ago, caused terrible floods in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Rapidly rising rivers surged into homes. Several towns were completely under water, which was sometimes reaching up to the second floor, sending people climbing to rooftops for rescue. Around 70.000 people in both countries were evacuated from their homes.

In the immediate aftermath of the floods, the emphasis was on providing life-saving assistance to displaced persons such as clean water, food, NFIs, personal hygiene items, blankets and baby food. Other needs included clothing; water cleaning tablets; disinfectants;  water pumps and other tools; protective clothing to remove debris, electric generators to establish basic energy supply in areas where the national supply system had collapsed; fuel and construction materials.

CARE's sectors of intervention were food security (food packages for households), shelter/NFIs (emergency shelters, home appliances, furniture, utility expenses, school supplies, clothing), WASH (water pumps, dehumidifiers, assistance to households, school and health care centers) and livelihood (support to households in farming and catle breeding). As part of the floods response, CARE assisted over 2,200 households (over 7.800 people).

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