What Women are doing Bosnia and Herzegovina?


Conference ‘Women's Economic Empowerment - What Women Do in Bosnia and Herzegovina?’

CARE International in the Balkans in partnership with its 7 project partner organizations organized the Conference ‘Women's Economic Empowerment- What Women Do in Bosnia and Herzegovina?’ that was held in Tuzla, on September 5, 2013.  The conference gathered more than 100 participants coming from 20 cities and 4 states (Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Croatia and Serbia) to share their experiences and best practices on how to break down the barriers to women's economic empowerment.

During the conference, as a positive example of economic empowerment of women, a director of the first established Women’s cooperative “A Woman “in Kravica / Bratunac presented the work of the cooperative, through which the women can legally sell their products and raise their income, as well as to contribute to better quality of life both of their families and the greater community.

The conference was accompanied by a fair where the women presented their products, and an auction. During the auction there were 180 EUR collected and given to a poor Roma woman from Tuzla area.


The project “Support for development of agricultural cooperatives", in North Macedonia

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