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Presentation where held in Sarajevo and Belgrade in September and gathered more than 200 various participants from governmental, and local and international nongovernemental organizations.

As  worldwide leading humanitarian and development organization, CARE is e fighting against poverty and providing assistance and support in crisis situations . One of the central themes in which CARE works globally, with the aim of reducing poverty and discrimination, is gender equality and women's empowerment .

On the Balkan region, past seven years CARE has been  working on this issue and recently completed analysis summarized  ​​in the report , " Evidence of changes in the area of ​​gender equality and empowerment of women from 2005 to 2012 . " The report presents evidence of changes achieved through five main themes, describes how these changes happened, and how they where perceived by the direct participants - through authentic testimonials and personal stories. Through this presentation of the report on the results achieved in the implementation of various projects in the field of gender equality CARE International Balkans, shows positive practices that testify real impact on social trends as well as improving the lives of   beneficiarie.


PDF:Report- evidence of change


The project “Support for development of agricultural cooperatives", in North Macedonia

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