Mobile Intervention Teams (MIT)


Mobile Intervention Team has been identified as a good practice model and in cooperation of CARE International, Citizen's Association for Promotion of Education of Roma „Otahrin“ and Citizen's Association Youth Roma Initiative „Be my Friend“ is replicated to Visoko town. By recognizing the need, April 24 – 25, 2017, a meeting of two teams (MIT Visoko and Bijeljina) in Bijeljina where MIT Visoko had an opportunity to be directly acquainted with the manner and processes of the team's work that will be replicate in their community. During the field visit 7 families visited during which MIT Visoko had an observer’s role. Members of MIT Visoko are representatives of the Center for Social Work, Primary and Secondary Schools, Police Stations, Health Center as well as representative of CA "Be my Friend".

The Mobile Intervention Team was established in 2011 in Bijeljina at CA Otaharin's initiative with the aim to include as many Roma children as possible in the school system as well as to encourage them to continue their education. The MIT members are representatives of institutions (Center for Social Work, City Administration, Primary Schools, CA "Otaharin") who visit once a month a number of families for whom they reliably know that children are absent from school and thus encourage schooling children. Given the presence of representatives of various institutions on the spot, parents provide essential information from various service sectors. The success rate of this team is over 50%.



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