Campaing: „I have the RIGHT to have RIGHTS“ has been carried out.


FAIR II – Within the Month of Women Roma Activism, March 8 – April 8, 2017, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia and Montenegro a campaing: „I have the RIGHT to have RIGHTS“ has been carried out. The campaign has been participated by: AWR „Better Future“ Tuzla town; „Roma Girl – Romani Ćej“ Prnjavor; Association for Promotion of Education of Roma „Otaharin“ Bijeljina; YRIV „Be my Friend“ Visoko; Center for Roma Initiatives Nikšić; Montenegrin Women's Lobby Podgorica, NGO Rose Berane; Roma Women Center „Bibija“ Belgrade; Law Scanner Belgrade; Romani Cikna Kruševac; Women's Roma Center Veliki Crljeni Lazarevac.

Participants: Roma women and men; 120-150 young football players from Podgorica; citizens (non-Roma population) of locations at which street actions were organized; inhabitants of Roma settlements from Kruševac, Belgrade and Lazarevac municipality; representatives of Coordination body for Gender Equality and The Council for Gender Equality of the Republic of Serbia; Commissioner for Protection of Equality and Protector of Citizens; students of 1st and 4th grade, SCO and network representatives.

Besides representatives of the National Assembly of Montenegro at the Session of Women's Parliament, presidents of Parliamentary Clubs, members of Government of Montenegro, members of women's associations of parliamentary parties and other segments of civil society of Montenegro as well as representatives of parliament and governmental mechanisms for issues of gender equality from the region.



Towns, places: Nikšić; Podgorica; Bijeljina; Prnjavor; Kakanj; Bijeljina; Visoko; Tuzla Municipality (Tuzla town, Živinice, Banovići and Gračanica); Sarajevo; Kruševac; Veliki Crljeni; Lazarevac; Stepojevo; Zemun; Beograd (Opština Zvezdara, Čukarica; Kijevo).


What was happening?: 6th Session of Women's Parliament in Assembly of Montenegro in cooperation with Committee of Gender Equality in aim to promote women's rights in Montenegro and marking of the International Roma day. This session was dedicated to implementation of activities on need for greater involment of women in public and political life as well as inclusion of young members of national minorities and Roma women to empower them to engage in politics, as recognized in the Action Plan for Chapter 23 adopted by the Government of Montenegro.

Two Forum Theater performances, eight street actions: distribution of educational materials, carnations with messages and announcement of all activities in the media, one sport event – football turnament in Podgorica „Roma Youth as Allias in Prevention of Domestic Violence, Arranged Marriages and Peer Violence in Montenegro“, twenty-six informative-educational workshops on different issues: reproductive health for women and girls during which hygienic packages were distributed to participants; Roma women for working rights; measurement of blood pressure and body weight of women from the settlement; Violence prevention and protection of Roma women; all Roma men and Women of the world; empowerment of Roma women – movie projection „I want to have a choice“; Rights of Roma women in practice; Eight of March party; meetings with representatives of institutions within Month of Women Roma Activism „I have the RIGHT to have RIGHTS“, and research presentation on gender based violence against Roma women in BiH.





Project: For Active Inclusion & Rights of Roma Women in the Western Balkans III


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