Workshop: Capacity building held 19 – 22 July, 2017 in Ethno vilage Montenegro, Nikšić, Montenegro


Representatives of partner organization Center for Roma Initiatives Nikšić, Montenegro attended the workshop.


Discussed topics were the following:

  • Tell the story about your identities
  • Interpesronal inventor of communication
  • Communication (basics and levels of communication, non-verbal communication)
  • Communication Skills (Basic Communication Skills: Active Listening, Paraffraction, Compression, etc.)
  • Communication skills (statements with "I", open questions, transformation)
  • Phases of the cooperation process
  • How to delegate
  • Skills (basic, technical, social, systemic ....)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • 5 standard conflict approaches
  • Handling conflicts through co-operation
  • Several tips in conflict


Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labour Market

This project was implemented from January 2015 to July 2017, with the goal to contribute to achieving an inclusive labour market in Macedonia (the Former Yugoslav Republic of), where all citizens, including those from vulnerable categories, will have equal acce...


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