Workshop: Capacity building held 19 – 22 July, 2017 in Ethno vilage Montenegro, Nikšić, Montenegro


Representatives of partner organization Center for Roma Initiatives Nikšić, Montenegro attended the workshop.


Discussed topics were the following:

  • Tell the story about your identities
  • Interpesronal inventor of communication
  • Communication (basics and levels of communication, non-verbal communication)
  • Communication Skills (Basic Communication Skills: Active Listening, Paraffraction, Compression, etc.)
  • Communication skills (statements with "I", open questions, transformation)
  • Phases of the cooperation process
  • How to delegate
  • Skills (basic, technical, social, systemic ....)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • 5 standard conflict approaches
  • Handling conflicts through co-operation
  • Several tips in conflict


Economic Strengthening for a Sustainable Return to Kosov

The specific objective/outcome of the project is to support the sustainable process of return...


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