#PinkJersey #YoungMenInitiative #IWD2020 NK Rijeka

We are so happy that Franko’s joined our action/supports the thousands of teens involved to break gender stereotypes through with CARE YMI - Young Men Initiative. Everyone can contribute to equality, women and men. Start today, start with a small thing!

Franko is not alone in fighting gender stereotypes! More than 100,000 young people – boys and girls- are fighting the same fight every day, with CARE. We work in 130 schools. The result? These adolescents are now engaged to change social norms on masculinity and to treat women and girls as their equals. Join this fight!
#PinkJersey #YoungMenInitiative #IWD2020 NK Rijeka


The project “Support for development of agricultural cooperatives", in North Macedonia

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