Training on strengthening Advocacy and Media and Social Networks skills


In past two days we had worked at Sokolac with Center for responsible Democracy LUNA from Rudo and Maja Kravica from Bratunac on strengthening their Advocacy and Media and Social Networks skills so that they best serve their beneficiaries, provide their social businesses with greater visibility and markets for their products.

„We will apply knowledge and skills to both project we currently run and product placement through Cooperative we have established. We're aware of the importance of communication in today’s world as well as the fact that the NGOs are most often the only voice of the marginalized“ said Natalija Vidaković from #CODLuna from Rudo.

 The training is a part of the Enhancing Social Services through strengthening NGOs in BiH project funded and supported by the Austrian Development Agency and CARE Österreich.


The project “Support for development of agricultural cooperatives", in North Macedonia

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