Conference „Safety of Roma Women at the Western Balkans”

The Conference „Safety of Roma Women at the Western Balkans” held in Belgrade, October 25, 2017 gathered 78 persons from 8 countries including EU countries.

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Rural Economic Sustainability Initiative - RESI Project

CARE in the Balkans project Rural Economic Sustainability Initiative (RESI) held its promotional event on 5th of February 2018 in Hotel Emerald in Prishtinë.

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Konkursna dokumentacija za izvršenje usluge

Nabavka namirnica i priprema obroka u kuhinji u prihvatnom centru (PC) Adaševci i distribucija pripremljenih obroka u PC Adaševci i PC Principovac korisnicima navedenih prihvatnih centara

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Cross Border Cooperation

Through work with cross-sectoral commissions and coalitions through cross-border cooperation and exchange of good and bad practices in work the FAIR II project continued with sustention and capacity building of representatives of the institutions and representatives of NGOs.

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CARE’s Young Men Initiative wins Global Education Innovation Award

With great pride we announce that Young Men Initiative, a project implemented by CARE International and 9 partner organizations in the Balkans won a prestigious education innovation award.


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Project: For Active Inclusion & Rights of Roma Women in the Western Balkans III


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