Youth retreat “Leadership and initiatives in local communities- leadership program for young Roma and Roma women in BiH”.

Twenty young Roma men and women from the region (Travnik, Vitez, Bijeljina, USK Canton, Prnjavor, Vukosavlje) involved in the project of young Roma men and women for rights and inclusion, participating in the retreat / seminar from 1-4 June 2017 years “Leadership and initiatives in local communities- leadership program for young Roma and Roma women in BiH”.

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Mobile Intervention Teams (MIT)

Mobile Intervention Team has been identified as a good practice model and in cooperation of CARE International, Citizen's Association for Promotion of Education of Roma „Otahrin“ and Citizen's Association Youth Roma Initiative „Be my Friend“ is replicated to Visoko town.

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CARE Balkan on 2017 Mixer festival

Within Mikser Festival organized from 25-28 May 2017 in Belgrade, on key topics: Migrations, Education in Movement, Culture Factories and Nature of the City, CARE International Balkans together with partner organization Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre,  presented activities and experiences related to work with migrants.

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Thirty-seven Peer Educators changing the consciousness of young and grown up men in Roma communities

Throught three educational workshps (one regional and two national workshops held in BiH and Montenegro) CARE has enabled thirty-seven young Roma men and women for realization of peer to peer education, 5 Roma women and 7 Roma men from BiH, 8 Roma women and 10 Roma men from Montenegro and 1 Roma women and 6 Roma men from Republic of Serbia, by which capacities of women Roma organizations have been streinghtened.

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Workshop: Monitoring and manners of following the implementation of the project

The workshop was held in Sarajevo from January 16 -19, 2017. at hotel Hollywood at which representatives of all partner organizations and our associate of CARE Austria, Corina Zeisel attended.

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Project: For Active Inclusion & Rights of Roma Women in the Western Balkans III


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