Mid-term evaluation

FAIR II  project's mid-term evaluation is being conducted in period from June – October 2017. The evaluation will serve as a base for data collection for CARE International Balkans and representatives of partner organizations for improvements of indicators and development of project's Action Plan.

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Workshop: Capacity Building „Writing Projects - UN Women“ held July 31 – August 3, 2017 in Hotel Bianca Resort & Spa Kolašin, Montenegro

Presentation of the Coalition - Common Goals, past experience of organizations participating in the coalition on issues related to integration and Roma women's rights and writing experience and implementation of projects in cooperation with other organizations.

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Workshop: Capacity building held 19 – 22 July, 2017 in Ethno vilage Montenegro, Nikšić, Montenegro

Representatives of partner organization Center for Roma Initiatives Nikšić, Montenegro attended the workshop.

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Cross Boarder Visit

FAIR II project has continued to maintain and build capacities of Inter-Sectoral Commissions established during FAIR I project. Inter-Sectoral Commissions consist of institutional representatives and representatives of partner organizations who address individual and/or collective issues of Roma population.

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Workshop: Getting acquainted with the structure and work mode of EU institutions; institutionalization of monitoring; networking

The workshop was held from 19 - 22 June, 2017 at Hotel DRINA, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, at which the representatives of partner organizations and our associates attended:

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Project: For Active Inclusion & Rights of Roma Women in the Western Balkans III


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