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Care network

CARE Deutschland-Luxemburgwww.care.de
CARE Internationalwww.care-international.org
CARE Australiawww.careaustralia.org.au
CARE Canadawww.care.ca
CARE Danmarkwww.care.dk
CARE Francewww.carefrance.org
CARE India (Affiliate Member)www.careindia.org
CARE International Japanwww.careintjp.org
CARE Nederlandwww.carenederland.org
CARE Norgewww.care.no
CARE Österreichwww.care.at
CARE Peru (Affiliate Member)www.careenperu.org
CARE Thai Foundationwww.raksthai.org
CARE International UKwww.careinternational.org.uk
CARE USAwww.care.org

Our projects

YOUN MEN INITIATIVES PROJECTwww.youngmeninitiative.net




Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labour Market

This project was implemented from January 2015 to July 2017, with the goal to contribute to achieving an inclusive labour market in Macedonia (the Former Yugoslav Republic of), where all citizens, including those from vulnerable categories, will have equal acce...


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