Otaharin is an association of citizens for the promotion of Roma education from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Objectives of the association are protection and promotion of rights of national minorities, especially Roma, awareness raising about the importance of education among Roma population, inclusion of Roma children into the educational system of BiH in Bijeljina and Zivinice,  and protection and promotion of human rights for all.

Since 2010, CARE has been working closely with Otaharin implementing joint projects focused on improvement and empowerment of Roma youth in Bijeljina. In September 2015, CARE started implementation of the project "Nicer local communities - beautiful city" which was directed to support the population affected by the floods through community action in collaboration with local authorities. The main goal was to provide a healthier environment through cleaning of landfills, setting up containers and the creation of green areas. The chosen communities had 90% of the population suffering a great damage during the May 2014 floods, since the water level reached over 2 meters and the water stayed up to 5 days before withdrawing. The project was implemented until December 2015, had around 400 families as direct beneficiaries, including 60 Roma families and 2,000 of indirect beneficiaries.


The project “Support for development of agricultural cooperatives", in North Macedonia

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