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Eko Put Ecological Association, Bijeljina in Bosnia and Herzegovina started its operations in 2006 with the primary task to work on the development and improvement of environmental awareness. Its goals and objectives are achieved as a free and voluntary association of citizens. The mission of the Environmental Association Eko Put is to raise environmental awareness of individuals and society as a whole through training, field work and workshops with activities that contribute directly to nature conservation and environmental protection.

CARE together with Eko Put implemented a community project “Rehabilitation of the Eko Center ‘’Jezera’’ in Bijeljina. The Eko Center was established in 2009, it is located on the old stream of Drina river near the Pavlovic bridge. Its purpose is awareness raising and protection of the ecosystems, flora and fauna and as such has been successfully operating until the catastrophic floods of May 2014. Over the years Eko Put created and equipped a camp, prepared trim trail for workshops, events and in 2013 organized the first Eco festival that brought together participants from seven cities and municipalities in BiH. The floods totally destroyed the tracks and the whole camp with all the equipment and furniture, and the Drina river brought back a huge amount of waste. To reactivate the Eco Centre it was necessary after the cleaning and rehabilitation of the terrain to restore the jogging trail, the camp and provide the camp with necessary infrastructure: an amphitheatre, classrooms, a lookout for bird watching, two huts and washrooms.

Eko Put started the infrastructure works, and land works, established two large object of which one serves as an office and the other as a classrooms, formed Biotherapeutic garden, recovered part of the jogging track, cleaned a larger area of residual waste from the floods and began to build a large bird watch-tower or vantage point. Due to the short time of the implementation, the outdoor nature of the works and the very bad weather conditions which seemed could turn again into flood, Eko Put agreed in coordination with CARE to buy all the necessary material, stored the purchased material and to resume work by the end of project with activists and volunteers in April and May.


The project “Support for development of agricultural cooperatives", in North Macedonia

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