Active Roma Youth for Rights and Inclusion

The overall goal/impact of the proposed Action is to contribute to the strengthening of civil society actors engaged in defending political, civil, economic, social and cultural human rights of the most vulnerable populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This wider impact is planned to be influenced through reaching the specific objective/outcome of the Action, that young Roma leaders/activists and their respective civil society organisations from the selected regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina actively participate in sustainable Roma inclusion processes at all levels. The Action will be implemented in the regions of 5 cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, both in Federation BIH and Republic of Srpska: Donji Vakuf, Prnjavor, Tuzla, Bijeljina and Vitez/Travnik and capacitate young Roma and their organisations to best use their potentials in increasing Roma inclusion and participation in the society.

The Action will achieve the following expected results/practical outputs:

Expected Result 1: Strengthened capacity of 40 young Roma leaders from Donji Vakuf, Prnjavor, Tuzla, Bijeljina and Vitez/Travnik in advocacy and lobbying for Roma inclusion and rights, through capacity building and mentoring of their work on concrete actions in Roma communities of their regions aimed at mobilising (youth) community for increased Roma inclusion.

The aim is to increase the capacity among younger generation of Roma citizens, most of whom are inactive in processes of social change to get better acquainted with their civil rights and possibilities to become more included in civil society development. To increase general knowledge and skills of young Roma, the project will utilise methodologies and techniques of capacity building developed within the previous engagement of CARE and partner organisations Otaharin and Better Future on increasing active participation of Roma.

Expected Result 2: Developed organisational capacity of 4 associate Roma CSOs through skills enhancement, coaching and capacity building and through sub granting of 4 micro projects targeting human rights and inclusion.

As a particular top-down initiative, the Action will aim at spreading/increasing the capacity of the Roma civil society sector in the target regions, in organisational management and concrete actions for mobilising communities, through the engagement and training skills of both CARE and co-applicants Otaharin and Better Future.

Expected Result 3: Roma inclusion policies and plans on the national and local levels revised and their realisation enhanced through aimed advocacy and facilitation.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has the main strategies and plans for Roma inclusion in place – National Strategy as well as Action Plans. However, the current documents are planned to be revised/updated on all state levels and the project will actively participate in these processes. The dynamics will depend upon the plans set by the Ministry of Human Rights and Minorities of BIH and other stakeholders included in the processes, as well as upon cooperation with local authorities at all levels.

Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Donji Vakuf, Prnjavor, Tuzla, Bijeljina and Vitez/Travnik)

Partner Bolja Budućnost – Tuzla, Otaharin - Bijeljina

Donor: European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights - Country Based Support Scheme 2015 and 2016

Duration: 1.01.2017 – 31.06.2019



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