Better social protection through building capacities of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Project Description

Project “Better social protection through building capacities of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina” started from May 2018 and is implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). It will contribute to strengthening the weak social welfare and social protection as well as access to rights and social inclusion for the marginalized and most vulnerable.  Poor economic performance and high unemployment cause shocks in the country’s social welfare system which largely effects the socio-economic position of citizens, especially most vulnerable and marginalized.

The project will be implemented by CARE Czech Republic and CARE’s representative office in Bosnia and Herzegovina (CARE International Balkan) that has a vast experience in developing capacities of CSOs and advocating in cooperation with CSOs for various causes in BiH.

The project seeks to protect the most vulnerable population groups, but also to provide benefits for all BiH citizens. Hence the goal of the project is to professionalize and enhance mandate and role of civil society actors (CSOs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina by building their capacities to provide services for marginalized and vulnerable population and by enabling them to actively participate in design and implementation of relevant policies. By implementing the proposed activities, it is expected that capacities and better organisational management of 7 targeted CSOs in BiH will be strengthened; their capacity to provide relevant services for their target groups (TGs) and at national level will be improved and they will have stronger advocacy position and improved policies in specific areas of their mandate.


Location of the project is in regions where 7 selected CSOs are operating: Sarajevo, Mostar, Goražde, Tuzla, Bijeljina and Modriča.

Partner Organisations are:

Amica Educa, Budućnost Modriča, Društvo ujedinjenih građanskih Akcija (DUGA), Nešto više, Sarajevski otvoreni centar (SOC), Udruženje građana za promociju obrazovanja Roma “Otaharin” and Udruženje oboljelih od cerebralne paralize i distrofije Bosansko-podrinjskog kantona Goražde (UCPD).


Czech Development Agency


Phase I-01.05.2018-31.12.2018,

Phase II- 2019,

Phase III- 2020,



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