Project: For Active Inclusion & Rights of Roma Women in the Western Balkans III

Project Description

As a recognized global player envisioning a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security, CARE wants to see this reflected in the Balkans region as well. It is building here on its engagement with Roma (including Egyptian - RE) women and girls and boys and men as allies on contributing to the promotion and protection of human rights and gender equality among Roma (RE) women and girls in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro over the period of three years.

This project seeks to empower Roma women and girls to be free and able to exercise their rights to live a healthy, dignified life free from violence, inequality and discrimination with support from their partners, families and communities. There are four output level results that are inter-connected and mutually reinforcing since only in that way this outcome can be accomplished.


Output1: Eenhanced capacities of Roma civil society organizations (CSOs), youth and key community actors to practice and promote gender equitable, healthy and non-violent lifestyle with help of tested models and approaches. Through three 30-month long sub-grants, local Roma organizations, CARE former partners from the three target countries, will be invited to apply CARE’s tested Life Skills Education Program in Roma communities with help of Young Men Initiative (YMI) partners to over 600 youth.


Output2: Improved access to and provision of services for Roma, Egyptian (RE) women and girls (in particular on Sexual Reproductive & Maternal Health, Gender Based Violence and Education) will be ensured through strengthening of the Roma CSOs and the existing participatory accountability community mechanisms (local multi-sectoral working groups). Through five 30-month long sub-grants, 50 power holders, 500 community members and six mediators will be engaged to provide assistance to at least 1.500 persons on their priority needs through improved communication and collaboration.


Output3: Will enable three national-level Roma women networks to be active and contribute to the effective functioning of the regional Roma Women Balkans Network and its enhanced efforts towards Post 2020 EU Roma Integration Agenda. The project will employ three Roma women to help the new informal Roma Balkan Network keep the Roma women agenda, gender sensitive budgeting and budget allocation to Roma women issues on the radar through improved cooperation and planning as well as data collection. Collected and analyzed evidence shall inform joint lobbying and advocacy actions.


Output4: Roma women and girls, CSOs and Networks are part of the regional and global social movement initiatives promoting and advocating for gender equality and (minority) women’s rights. This Output plans to enable the Roma Women Balkan Network to engage more systematically in regional, European level global social movements and to learn by doing it.


The total budget of the project is 1.1 mil EUR; 1.000.000 ensured by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and 100.000 by the Czech Development Agency.



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