Program T – A Manual for Engaging Men in Fatherhood, Caregiving, and Maternal and Child…
Program T (“T” for “Tata” BHS languages meaning “Father”) is a direct and targeted response to the need for concrete strategies and action steps to engage men in active fatherhood [...]
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IMAGES: International Men and Gender Equality Survey
The IMAGES Serbia study addresses key issues in the field of men and gender equality, which include partner relations, the dynamics of family relationships, and the key health and social [...]
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From young to experienced father
The purpose of the guide “From young to experienced father” is to familiarize, in a simple and clear way, young men with the role, responsibility and challenges that fathers are [...]
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Program Y
he Manual for educators in high schools and youth workers “Program Y – Youth“ is a tool that was developed out of the Young Men Initiative by CARE International Balkans [...]
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This baseline study was prepared to meet the needs of the project Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Wom- en in the Labour Market, implemented by CARE International, in partnership with Women’s [...]
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Social Media and Arts Case Study
CARE International and partners from Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia & Herzegovina present 4 case studies of how social media and the arts were utilized to support gender transformation with [...]
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SIGI-Brochure EOCD
The SIGI report presents a detailed analysis of the region on its efforts toward gender equality and women’s empowerment. The young men initiative is listed as a good practice within [...]
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Nasilje u porodici u romskoj i egipćanskoj zajednici u Crnoj Gori
U periodu od 01. maja – 31. oktobra 2014. godine, realizovan je projekat »Djelujmo preventivno», koji je dio trogodišnjeg regionalnog projekta ”Aktivna inkluzija i prava Romkinja na Zapadnom Balkanu”, koji [...]
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Understanding Men and Masculinities in Balkans
About the Young Men Initiative: From 2007 to present, the Western Balkan Gender-Based Violence prevention program – Young Men Initiative (YMI) – has been working to build more gender equitable [...]
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CARE Policy Brief
CARE International welcomes the convening of a Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in June 2014. We acknowledge that justice for survivors has been woefully inadequate and recognise [...]
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December 2023