GENERAL INFORMATION: CARE International is a confederation of international non-government organizations implementing its programs on fighting poverty and social injustice in more than 90 countries. CARE’s aim in the Balkans [...]


CARE International is a confederation of international non-government organizations implementing its programs on fighting poverty and social injustice in more than 90 countries. CARE’s aim in the Balkans is to ensure recognition and fulfilment of social, economic and political rights of the vulnerable and marginalized groups, thus contributing to sustainable peace in the region.

CARE has been working in the Western Balkans since 1993, first with the large humanitarian relief programmes, and from the year 2000 on, in more developmental programmatic course, managing projects in the fields of social and economic development, gender equality, youth, minority rights, women empowerment, health and public health, construction and others. During that period, CARE’s mission has evolved, from country-oriented programs to more regional initiatives for a broader number of beneficiaries. Currently, CARE in the Balkans is a regional entity with the headquarter in in Sarajevo and offices in Banja Luka, Srebrenica, Belgrade, Pristina and Skopje. CARE Balkans implements project activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro. CARE collaborates closely with local civil society sector and supports civil society organisations in their development, in their inclusion and active participation in decision making processes and in raising their portfolio as service providers.

Programmatically, CARE has followed its current program strategy focusing on two pillars: Social and Economic Inclusion and Gender Equality



Reporting to the Regional Director of CARE Balkans, the Consultant will plan and facilitate the process of reviewing the strategy of CARE in the Balkans and lead on the development of a revised program strategy, taking into account the current CARE portfolio and programmatic orientation and learnings, socio-economic context and future challenges and opportunities as well as the newly developed CARE Germany Strategy.

Furthermore, the purpose of the process is to clarify, harmonise and consolidate the vision of what CARE International wants to achieve in the Balkans by 2025 with a longer term perspective until 2030, considering its global vision 2030, its legacy and mission in the region over the past two decades and the related strategy of CARE Germany as its key strategic partner.

Objective of the exercise is to shape CARE’s future programming and organisational structure to best fit to the societal challenges that CARE wants to address in line with its global vision and its theory of change by providing an overview of key internal and external trends and a preliminary analysis of CARE’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats  related to its current and future work in the Balkans. This will serve as a basis of common understanding and knowledge for the participatory process of strategic planning, where this information will be used and built upon in order to shape its future programming and organisational structure.

CARE Balkans strategy development team and CARE Germany as Lead CARE Member Partner (CMP) will be supporting the process and be responsible for the process and implementation of the actions agreed.



  • Lead the strategy development process design.
  • Review of existing program strategies and organisational structure.
  • Review of Collaboration between CARE Balkans (Country Office) and CARE Germany as a Lead CARE Member Partner analyse the effectiveness of the current regional structure, management and culture, current and former (caa. last 10 years) programming, partnerships, funding/ fundraising mechanisms and external communication.
  • Support the CO to identify aspirations of its future structural development: Analyse the current functionality between CMP and CO and propose a direction for future collaboration; identify a roadmap.
  • Guide external research work, gather input (e.g. through interviews and online surveys) from key external civil society actors/donors/other stakeholders and compile results into a working document-report (8- 10 pages) to inform the further strategy revision participatory process.
  • Incorporate input of an internal research conducted by CARE
  • Analyse socio-economic context, trends and opportunities both globally and in the Western Balkans, with the specific focus on funding opportunities for the Western Balkans.
  • Facilitate workshops and meetings staff securing participatory approach to the strategy development process, including a final workshop for outlining the strategic goals
  • Follow up with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Develop the strategy document in a form agreed with CARE Balkans containing programmatic and organizational structure
  • Provide a Consultancy Report in English.




The consultancy will be based on the following methodological directions:

  • Apply the Theory of Change methodology and SWOT Analysis.
  • Desk research:
    • Use the current CARE Balkans Strategies as a starting point and to inform the process.
    • Use the newly developed CARE Germany and CI 2030 strategies as the basis for the COs strategy: Give special consideration to the three CARE international indicators that are already anchored in CAREs global and CARE Germany strategy: gender and governance marker, resilience marker. Identify a baseline and target value for the three indicators.
    • Document analysis – CARE’s existing strategic documents, programme reports, relevant policy studies and reports on key issues in focus of this analysis produced by
    • other relevant institutions and organisations



  • Stakeholder survey
    • staff, partners, other donors, beneficiaries, a select number of external experts (fresh perspective)
    • Online consultations with key staff and stakeholders (individual or small group conversations with staff, partners, other donors, beneficiaries, a select number of external experts (fresh perspective).
  • Basic principles in the development of the document: Transparency and accountability: Check in regularly with CARE about milestones and directions. Build the process in iterative cycles of gathering information (checking each phase with the CARE Balkans Director), to culminate with a strategy defining workshop (which the Consultant will lead/facilitate) gathering and leading CARE staff to jointly define the strategy guided by the principles of theory of change.
  • Practicality: Insist on the practicality of the document, rather than academic strategy paper.
  • Participatory approach: Insist on the participatory approach as a guiding principle throughout the process, to achieve full ownership of the CARE program staff over the final documents
  • Inclusiveness: Gather information on CARE’s work from the documentation, individual and group interviews with staff and partners.
  • The Consultant will use English as the official language of the consultancy and local language in direct communication with staff and stakeholders, if/when appropriate. CARE will ensure translation if/when needed. All consultancy outputs will be in English.





  • Provide necessary information and documentation to the Consultant and agree on the work plan with the Consultant;
  • Provide input for the process and expectations from each particular phase of the strategy development process;
  • Regularly coordinate and meet with the Consultant to review the process and steps to be undertaken and provide feedback
  • Organise workshops and meetings with staff, CARE member partners, project partners and stakeholders;
  • Coordinate with staff and partners on provision of input through the online survey;
  • Provide logistical support to the Consultant necessary for the realisation of the task.



The Consultant (team) will be engaged for 20 full consultancy days, over the period 1st April 2021 to 05th October 2021, according to the following timetable:

Action Responsible Date
Submission of bid (electronically) Consultant 5th March 2021
Contract signing, initial agreements CARE 31th March 2021


Deadline for realisation of the task Consultant 30th of Septemberth2021
Submission of the Consultancy Report Consultant 5th October2021



The detailed payment schedule will be outlined in the Consultancy Contract and will be undertaken upon the completion of the work and the approval of the final consultancy report by CARE. The payment will be carried out in line with all necessary documentation as per CARE’s administrative procedures (time sheets, consultancy report, etc).



CARE invites teams of experts (minimum 2 experts in the team), NGOs and agencies, familiar with the type of work required in the context of strategy development, to submit their bids and present in details their expertise, experience, division of work and responsibility levels/responsible persons (in case of teams or agencies). The general requirements are:

  • Minimum 10 years of experience with strategic development processes
  • Excellent analytical skills with adequate experience presented
  • Excellent techniques and extensive experience in facilitating workshops and participatory work; excellent interviewing skills
  • Thorough knowledge of Western Balkans context, in view of the tasks of the consultancy.
  • Experience working with regional civil society and international NGOs
  • Excellent command of tools and software appropriate for the tasks of the consultancy (surveys, theory of change design, Microsoft Office, etc.)
  • Excellent command over local and English language, oral and written.  Excellent writing skills.



  1. Consultant’s CV or portfolio, with detailed information relevant to the required qualifications.
  2. Proposed methodology and a draft consultancy plan –implementation plan for the consultancy including the timeframe.
  3. Bid – financial offer: The Consultant shall propose the overall price that includes daily fee/rate in EUR per consultancy day including transportation costs, food and accommodation costs



REFERENCE / HISTORY                     (experience in similar work /subject) METHODOLOGY/  APROACH   (effectiveness of the proposed methodology) KNOWLEDGE/ SKILLS (from the CV/portfolio) BUDGET                            (value for money)



Interested candidates are invited to apply to the address:

CARE International, Balkans, Hasana Kaimije 11, 71000 Sarajevo,
or to the e-mail: shalkic@care.ba

Closing date for applications is March 5th th, 2021, 15h (CET) 

We thank all applicants for their interest. Only the selected applicants will be contacted.

Sarajevo, 7th of August 2020