FINAL PROJECT PRESENTATION: Enhanced social protection through building capacity of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

FINAL PROJECT PRESENTATION: Enhanced social protection through building capacity of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Within the project: Enhanced social protection through building capacity of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina Deadline for application: Wednesday 1th, September 2021, 15h About CARE and the project CARE International [...]

Within the project:

Enhanced social protection through building capacity of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deadline for application: Wednesday 1th, September 2021, 15h

About CARE and the project

CARE International is a federation of international non-government organizations implementing its programs for fighting poverty and social injustice in more than 90 countries throughout the world. CARE’s aim in the Balkans is to ensure recognition and fulfilment of social, economic and political rights of the vulnerable and marginalized groups, thus contributing to sustainable peace in the region.

As of July 2019, CARE international is implementing a two-year ADA funded project “Enhancing social protection by empowering CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, which aims at strengthening civil society actors in BiH in providing services for marginalized populations and participating in design and implementation of relevant policies.  The project contributes to strengthening the weak social welfare and social protection, as well as access to rights and social inclusion for the marginalized and most vulnerable.

The project focuses on support to 5 NGOs who manage their own social enterprises: Budućnost Modriča, Udruženje građana za promociju obrazovanja Roma “Otaharin”, Udruženje oboljelih od cerebralne paralize i distrofije Bosansko-podrinjskog kantona Goražde (UCPD),  Maja Kravica from Bratunac with its cooperative “Žena” and Centre for responsible democracy CRD LUNA from Rudo.

The programme is implemented by CARE International, which has a vast experience in developing capacity of CSOs and advocating in cooperation with CSOs for various causes in BiH.

The programme seeks to protect the most vulnerable population groups, but also to provide benefits for all BiH citizens. Hence the goal of the project is to professionalize and enhance mandate and role of civil society actors (CSOs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina by building their capacity to provide services for marginalized and vulnerable population and by enabling them to actively participate in design and implementation of relevant policies. By implementing the proposed activities, it is expected that organisational capacity, income generation capability and management of 5 targeted civil society organisations (CSOs) will be strengthened, (Expected Result 1); their capacity for service provision is improved, to meet the needs of their target groups (people with disabilities, marginalized women, Roma) (Expected Result 2) and they will have stronger advocacy position and improved policies in specific areas of their mandate (Expected Result 3).

Purpose of the consultancy

CARE International is looking for a consultant(s)/ organization/ company to undertake the final project public relations activities, consisting of:

  • Design of a press release on overall project information and achievements and its dissemination to known media (local, entity, national) and via social media – Facebook and Twitter accounts and posts on CARE Social media Channels (all posts for social media should be designed by the Consultant) in close cooperation and agreement with the CARE Project Manager (PM).
  • Facilitating final project presentation meeting in Sarajevo, on 16th September 2021 (a half day event). In close agreement with the PM, the Consultant will prepare the agenda and facilitate the event. The Consultant will, in addition, support project partners with their statements during this meeting. Also, he/she will moderate and facilitate media presence (local, regional and national media presence will be required) and provision of the media information statements from key project stakeholders. The Consultant will also manage produced video broadcasting, and the later press clipping on the event.
  • Prepare an additional “plan B” scenario for the final presentation, taking into consideration current measures against the COVID-19 pandemic (online meeting(s) administration during event (s), Simultanious translation during the event(s)).
  • Provision of the Consultancy Report to CARE, with the produced materials and press clipping in English language (up to 6 pages, plus annexes).

CARE’s Outputs

  • Provide all necessary information and documentation of the project to the Consultant and agree on the work plan with the Consultant.
  • Provide the visibility guidelines of the donors (ADA and CARE) to the Consultant. Be in constant agreement with the Consultant on the approval of the final press materials by CARE AUT.
  • Coordinate with partner organisations and the Consultant during the entire preparation and realisation of the event.
  • Provide logistical support to the Consultant necessary for the realisation of the task (the travel costs for the field work envisaged should be included in the Consultants’ bid).


The Consultant will be engaged for 10 full consultancy days in, as of 6th September till 20th September 2021, according to the following timetable:

Action                                                  Responsible                                                      Date

Submission of bid (electronically)           Consultant                                                        1 September, 21

Contract signing, initial agreements       CARE, Consultant                                               6 September, 21

Realisation of the task                           Consultant                                most likely      16th September, 21

Submission of the Consultancy report    Consultant                                                        20th September, 21

Payment                                               CARE                                                    upon the report approval


The detailed payment schedule will be outlined in the Consultancy Contract and will be made upon the work completion and the approval of the final consultancy report by CARE. The Payment will be carried out in line with all necessary documentation as per CARE’s administrative procedures (time sheets, consultancy report, etc).

Required qualification of the Consultant:

CARE invites individual experts, teams of experts, NGOs and agencies, familiar with the type of work required in the context of an CSOs development project, to submit their bids and present in details their expertise, experience, division of work and responsibility levels/responsible person (in case of teams or agencies). The general requirements are:

  • Excellent skills and experience in moderating and facilitating press events and press conferences.
  • Vast working relations and contacts with media in BiH.
  • Excellent skills in documenting media response and press clipping.
  • Skills in designing social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter) and experience and proficiency in photographic documenting of events.
  • Excellent writing skills in English and local languages.

The Consultant’s bid/application should consist of the following:

  1. Consultant’s CV (preferably in EU Format) or portfolio, with detailed information relevant to the required qualifications.
  2. Draft consultancy plan –implementation plan (schedule) for the consultancy.
  3. Bid – financial offer: the Consultant shall suggest a daily fee/rate per day in BAM per consultancy day. (Transportation, food and accommodation costs should be included). There is no standard format for the bid.


Interested candidates are invited to apply to the address:

CARE International, Balkans, Hasana Kaimije 11, 71000 Sarajevo,
or to the e-mail:

Closing date for applications is 15 hrs, 1st September 2021, 

We thank to all applicants for their interest. Only those who are to be selected will be contacted. For any additional information concerning the application, please contact:

Branislav Tanasijevic, Project Manager

E-mail: Sarajevo, 4th August 2021