Within the project: Brčko Inclusive Socioeconomic Initiative Deadline for application: 10th June 2024, 15h Purpose of the consultancy CARE International, within its project “Brčko Inclusive Socioeconomic Initiative” (in further text: [...]

Within the project: Brčko Inclusive Socioeconomic Initiative

Deadline for application: 10th June 2024, 15h
Purpose of the consultancy

CARE International, within its project “Brčko Inclusive Socioeconomic Initiative(in further text: the Project), is looking to contract external consultant(s) to define functioning elements for the Socio Economic Inclusion Centre (SEI Centre) and train the five staff of the Centre in its implementation, within the Regional Guarantee Fund of Brcko District (RGFDB). The consultancy will take place in Brcko, during July-August 2024.

About the planned SEI Centre (from the project proposal): the SEI Centre will develop, strengthen and upgrade the skills of BD residents, raising their employability at the local labour market. The Centre will also have a mandate to provide retraining, prequalification and other training courses, offer personalised support such as career guidance, coaching, consulting and mentoring, as per need therapeutic and psychosocial services and similar types of assistance. The SEI Centre, thus, would also have the capacity to serve as an incubator for the development of start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs in Brcko District. The Centre will announce public calls for applications for trainings supporting socio-economic inclusion of the vulnerable groups and other unemployed citizens: vocational and skills development trainings, internships etc.. Apart from these occasional opportunities, it is expected that the SEI Centre staff will offer permanent career counselling, labour market research, publication of concrete employment opportunities in locally operating companies, and other similar services, in order to best address employment and other socio-economic needs of target populations.

General information

Job title:                                         Consultant(s) for installation of the operational elements of the Socio-Economic Inclusion Centre in Brčko District and capacity building of its staff.

Project title:                                    Brčko Inclusive Socioeconomic Initiative

Donor:                                            Czech Development Agency and CARE Czech Republic

Project country:                               Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brčko District

Place(s) of work:                              Brčko District

Anticipated consultants:                   Individual    experts,    teams    of    experts,    NGOs,    agencies,

consultancy companies, with qualifications/portfolio fitting the consultancy task

Engagement period and duration:    10 working days, over the period during July-August 2024

About CARE in the Balkans

CARE’s mission in the region of Balkans is to contribute to post-war recovery, socio-economic development and building the societies of equality in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia (FYROM). CARE’s work in the Balkans started in 1993, when it provided humanitarian support to people affected by war. In the late 90-ties, CARE shifted its focus in the region from humanitarian post-war assistance and rehabilitation to socio-economic development, engaging in interventions directed at conflict prevention and peace-building, sustainable livelihoods, gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence.

CARE in the Balkans places the quality of its program at the centre of its mission and has developed a regional strategy that encompasses two main program directions: Gender Equality and Social and Economic Inclusion. The goal of the Social and Economic Inclusion Program is to strengthen capacity and create opportunities for the marginalized, socially excluded and poor to integrate into society and access rights. CARE’s Gender Equality Program aims to empower women vulnerable to violence, discrimination and poverty, to reach better life opportunities and social justice and to work on prevention of peer violence and building of tolerance among young men in the Western Balkans. CARE’s engagement and contribution lies in strengthening sustainability of key regional, national and/ or local civil society organizations and networks promoting equality and diversity, in the context of social inclusion and non-violence.

Project information

The project “Brčko Inclusive Socioeconomic Initiative” will contribute to socio-economic integration of disadvantaged and vulnerable categories of citizens of Brčko District. The Project concentrates its efforts to Brčko District and invests in increasing the socio-economic inclusion of marginalized groups. This is mirrored in the Project Objective: to increase social inclusion and create sustainable employment opportunities for citizens in Brčko District (BD) with a particular focus on disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, through raising employment capacity, support to entrepreneurial activities and enabling a conducive environment for more inclusive economic development.

The following project results/outputs are expected:

Output 1:         Disadvantaged and vulnerable populations of the Brčko District have increased their capacity for employment and knowledge of their citizens’ rights, through project conducted trainings and awareness raising.

Output 2:         Increased capacity, skills and job opportunities for the unemployed citizens of BD and creation of new employment for the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, via project financial and technical support.

Output 3:         Enhanced environment for a more efficient economic inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, by creation of public-private partnerships to address labour market barriers and promotion of sustainable employment models.

Information about the Project partner RGFBD:

The Development-Guarantee Fund of Brčko District Government – RGFDB ( is a public institution established under the Government of Brčko District (BD), responsible for providing financial support or guarantees to small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals or agricultural producers.

More specifically, the main current RGFDB services include:

  1. Approval of credit funds and their placement,
  2. Allocation of funds to small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs,
  3. Investing in securities,
  4. Providing guarantees for loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and independent entrepreneurs and farmers with the aim of faster employment,
  5. Providing guarantees for lending in the rural sector,
  6. Other credit and financial intermediation.

Role in the Project: Unit for Implementation of International Projects at RGFDB (further PIU) has been mandated by the Government of BD to act as the main Project partner and beneficiary focal point (for all three project Outputs). PIU will also act as an intermediary between the selected the project applicant/implementer and the Government of BD, in particular on strategic issues such as legislation, long-term financing and sustainability of project outputs, etc. PPIU will, through this Project, establish and develop the (Self) Employment Socio-Economic and Entrepreneurship Centre, which will aim to provide comprehensive support to BD residents, and especially marginalized persons, on their path to self-employment, entrepreneurship and long-term/permanent employment. The Centre would serve to develop, strengthen and upgrade the skills of BD residents so that they are employable in the labour market. At the same time, it can provide retraining and other training courses, personalised training, coaching, consulting, mentoring, therapeutic and psychosocial services and similar types of help and assistance. It would serve also serve as an incubator for start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs.

Consultants’ Outputs

CARE International is looking for consultant to undertake the following activities:

  • Review of the documentation and inputs relevant for the project, provided by CARE and RGFBD.
  • In communication with CARE Project Manager, design the detailed working program for the mentioned consultancy tasks.
  • One day field visit to get acquainted with the SEI Center staff (five persons) and premises, the possibilities for aimed work of the SEI Centre and gather other information necessary for the design of the operational protocols (Standard Operating Procedures etc.).
  • Design of the SEI Center’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) containing internal regulations, Code of Conduct for employees, which should be aligned with the RGFBD’s policies, as well as various CARE’s adopted policies (such as: counter harassment and child abuse, regulating gender equality, anti-discrimination, prevention of sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation policy and other appropriate policies), the Centre Development Plan and consequent Detailed Yearly Activities Plan for 2024, as well as other related documents regulating the functioning of the Centre.
  • In communication with CARE and RGFDB management, develop the following documents necessary for the everyday operation of the SEI Centre: Calls for interns, VET trainings and allocation of Grants for businesses, Protocol for the support to beneficiaries to access services, Protocol functioning of the Business Incubator and other documents that may be proposed by the RGFDB. All created documents need to be aligned with the legislation of Brcko District.
  • Plan and implement, in agreement with CARE and RGFDB a two days’ workshop for the five SEI Centre staff, to present the created documents for the SEI Centre functioning and coach

the staff on its usage. The consultant will have the obligation to evaluate the success of the workshop and measure the gained knowledge of the participants through pre and post-tests. The workshop will be logistically covered by CARE and RGFDB.

  • Provision of the consultancy report to CARE (in English, up to six pages, plus annexes), with the recommendation of additional trainings to be organized for the SEI Centre staff, for its successful functioning. The consultancy report will contain the annex with all produced documentation and consultancy outputs.

RGFDB’s Outputs

  • Provide the Consultants with information necessary for understanding the local context.
  • Provide all necessary information regarding the regulations/policies/operating procedures of RGFDB, as well as the necessary information regarding the local legislature regulating the field of work of the SEI Centre.
  • Approve the detailed consultancy plan of the Consultant.
  • Provide logistics for the meetings/workshops held within this consultancy and ensure participation of the SEI Centre staff.
  • Regularly collaborate with the Consultant during the entire engagement, provide all relevant documents in/for the process and support the process and further engagement of SEI Centre staff and functioning of the Centre.

CARE’s Outputs

  • Provide necessary information and documentation on the project to the Consultant and agree on the work plan with the Consultant.
  • Coordinate with partner organisation RGFBD with the Consultant during the entire preparation and realisation of the task.
  • Provide logistical support to the Consultant necessary for the realisation of the task, other than travel logistics (travel and accommodation costs for the fieldwork envisaged should be included in the Consultants’ bid).
  • Monitor the entire process within this consultancy.


The Consultant will be engaged for 10 working days, over the period 1th July to 30th August 2024, according to the following timetable:


Responsible      Date

Submission of the bid (electronically)     Consultant        10th June 2024

Contract signing, initial agreements      CARE, Consultant        15th June 2024

Deadline for realisation of the task        Consultant        by 30th August 2024 Submission of the

Consultancy report    Consultant        30th August 2024

Payment schedule

Final payment (100% of contracted amount)Final payment in September 2024, upon the approval of the Consultancy report by CARE

The detailed payment schedule will be outlined in the Consultancy Contract and will be made upon the work completion and the approval of the final consultancy report by CARE. The Payment will be carried out in line with all necessary documentation as per CARE’s administrative procedures (time sheets, consultancy report, etc).

Required qualifications of the Consultant(s):

CARE invites individual experts, teams of experts, NGOs and agencies, familiar with the type of work required in the context of a CSOs development project, to submit their bids and present in details their expertise, experience, division of work and responsibility levels/responsible persons (in case of teams or agencies).

The general requirements are:

  • Relevant university degrees in HR, business administration, economy, business development and/or similar fields.
  • Excellent knowledge of procedures for issuing public calls in Brčko District.
  • Excellent HR skills and experience in the field of employment procedures, pre-selection, selection processes and contracting for the third parties.
  • Vast knowledge of the procedures for setting of business incubators.
  • Knowledge of gender equality issues and their implications in the society, as well as methodologies and practice of economic empowerment of vulnerable groups.
  • Prior experience in international donor funded projects.
  • Rich experience in cooperation with the government institutions on various levels and topics similar to the call.
  • Excellent command of local and English languages, oral and written. Excellent writing skills.

The Consultant’s bid/application should consist of the following:

  1. Consultant’s CV or portfolio, with detailed information relevant to the required qualifications.
  2. Draft consultancy plan outlining the approach and tentative timeline (schedule) for the consultancy.
  3. Bid – financial offer: The Consultant shall suggest a daily fee/rate in BAM per consultancy day. (Transportation, food and accommodation costs should be included). There is no standard format for the bid.


The received applications will be evaluated against the below stated criteria:

REFERENCE /HISTORY (experience in similar work)METHODOLOGY / APROACH (appropriateness for the task)KNOWLEDGE /SKILLS (specific for the task)FUNDS (value for money)

Interested candidates are invited to apply to the address:

CARE International, Balkans, Derviša Numića 6, 71000 Sarajevo,

or to the e-mail:

Closing date for applications is June 10th, 2024, 15h

We thank to all applicants for their interest. Only selected applicants will be contacted. For any additional information concerning the application, please contact:

Branislav Tanasijevic, Project Manager, E-mail:

NOTE: This and other project activities are pending approval by the donor CZDA for 2024

Sarajevo, 1st April, 2024