Production of best practice brochure

Production of best practice brochure

Deadline for application: Friday 25th, June 2021, 15h About CARE and the project CARE International is a federation of international non-government organizations implementing its programs for fighting poverty and social [...]

Deadline for application: Friday 25th, June 2021, 15h

About CARE and the project

CARE International is a federation of international non-government organizations implementing its programs for fighting poverty and social injustice in more than 90 countries throughout the world. CARE’s aim in the Balkans is to ensure recognition and fulfilment of social, economic and political rights of the vulnerable and marginalized groups, thus contributing to sustainable peace in the region.

CARE’s project “Enhanced social protection through building capacity of CSOs in BIH”, implemented between July 2019 and September 2021, is contributing to strengthening the weak social welfare, social protection, as well as access to rights and social inclusion for the marginalized and most vulnerable.  Poor economic performance and high unemployment cause shocks in the country’s social welfare system which largely effects the socio-economic position of citizens, especially most vulnerable and marginalized. The state and non-state service providers are under-capacitated and underfunded.

The project seeks to protect the most vulnerable population and provide benefits for all BiH citizens. Hence the goal of the project is to professionalize and enhance mandate and role of civil society actors (CSOs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina by increasing their sustainability and building their capacity to provide services for marginalized and vulnerable population and by enabling them to actively participate in design and implementation of relevant policies. The project is implemented by CARE International, with vast experience in developing capacity of CSOs and advocating in cooperation with CSOs for various causes in BiH. By implementing the proposed activities, it is expected that capacity and better organisational management of 6 targeted CSOs in BiH will be strengthened (Expected Result 1); their capacity to provide relevant services for their target groups (TGs) and at national level will be improved (Expected Result 2) and they will have stronger advocacy position and improved policies in specific areas of their mandate (Expected Result 3).

The  target organisations: Budućnost Modriča, Udruženje građana za promociju obrazovanja Roma “Otaharin”, Udruženje oboljelih od cerebralne paralize i distrofije Bosansko-podrinjskog kantona Goražde (UCPD), Maja Kravica from Bratunac with its cooperative Žena and Center for responsible democracy CRD LUNA from Rudo, run social enterprises with various occupations, employing marginalised target groups and at the same time funding their core activities from the business profit. The project Enhanced social protection through building capacity of CSOs in BIH is supporting sustainability of partners’ social enterprises and through these investments aims to add to their sustainability.


Purpose of the consultancy

CARE International is looking for a Consultant(s)/ organization/ company to develop the content, design and print a brochure for the promotion of the best practice, presenting the business models of the social enterprises of five project partners’ organisations. It is expected that the engaged Consultant(s) should undertake the following activities:

  • Preparation
  • Get acquainted with the work and missions of 5 partner organizations,
  • In cooperation with CARE and the Project Manager, define the structure and content of the brochure.
  • Visit all 5 implementing partner organizations and hold interviews with the staff and actors involved in the functioning of organisations (UCPD Goražde, Budućnost Modriča, Otaharin Bijeljina, Maja Kravica from Bratunac and Luna from Rudo), local stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • Particularly examine the elements of social entrepreneurship within the business models of partners’ enterprises, as successful business models aimed to provide possibilities for self-employment of vulnerable and marginalised citizens from the targeted areas.
  • Examine the attitudes/estimation of the partner organisations on gender implications of their economic engagement, i.e. how much they contribute to improvement of living conditions and social inclusion of the most vulnerable women in their communities.
  • Design the draft promotional brochure – the best practice promotion, presenting the business models of the five partners’ social enterprises. The brochure should contain the total of 5 stories and can be printed out as separate story for each of the partners. The text should contain the most important quotes of the members or beneficiaries of the partners’ NGOs and enterprises. The Consultants will provide the content/text, (including proofreading), the photographs and the complete visual design of the brochure.
  • Brochure elements:
    • The brochure should be designed in line with the visibility standards of the projects’ donor: Austrian Development Agency and containing visual identity elements of CARE, in line with CARE visibility standards.
    • Written in BiH and English languages, in reader friendly language.
    • 15 pages long (plus covers).
    • The brochure should contain short introduction on CARE and the project, including:
      • Main statistics about the project results (up to 2 pages);
      • 5 Chapters, one for each of the supported social enterprise, containing:
        • Information about the supported NGO, including their impressions and quotes.
        • Information about the business model of the NGO’s social enterprise, including the quotes and their efficiency in economic empowerment and inclusion of marginalised and vulnerable women.
        • Particular conclusion on the social aspects of these enterprises.
      • Present the draft brochure to the CARE Project Manager for the approval and work in cooperation with the PM on the final version for printing.
      • In the bid, the Consultants will present the printing costs as separate, specifying the suggested paper quality for the covers and the inside pages (50 copies in BIH and 50 English language full and individual brochures per CSO will be produced, (100 in total per CSO)).


CARE’s Outputs

  • Provide all necessary information and documentation on the projects to the Consultant.
  • Provide to the Consultant the visibility guidelines of the donor’s ADA and CARE.
  • Agree on the work plan with the Consultant.
  • Coordinate with partner organisations and communicate with the Consultant during the entire preparation and realisation of the brochure.
  • Provide logistical support to the Consultant necessary for the realisation of the brochure (the travel costs for the field work envisaged should be included in the Consultants’ bid).



The Consultant will be engaged for 15 full consultancy days in, over the period 01th July to 31th August 2021, according to the following timetable:

Action                                                  Responsible                                                      Date

Submission of bid (electronically)           Consultant                                                        25 June, 21

Contract signing, initial agreements       CARE, Consultant                                              01 July, 21

Deadline for realisation of the task        Consultant                                                   until 31th Aug, 21

Submission of the Consultancy report    Consultant                                                          31th Aug, 21


Payment schedule

Final payment (100% of contracted amount), not later than 15th of September Upon the realisation of the task and approval of the Consultancy report by CARE

The detailed payment schedule will be outlined in the Consultancy Contract and will be made upon the work completion and the approval of the final consultancy report by CARE. The Payment will be carried out in line with all necessary documentation as per CARE’s administrative procedures (time sheets, consultancy report, etc).


Required qualification of the Consultant:

CARE invites individual experts, teams of experts, NGOs and agencies, familiar with the type of work required in the context of a CSOs development project, to submit their bids and present in details their expertise, experience, division of work and responsibility levels/responsible persons (in case of teams or agencies). The general requirements are:

  • Excellent capacity and proven previous experience in writing of communication documents, such as information brochures. Excellent capacity and proven previous experience in visual design of the communication materials, in particular information sharing brochures;
  • Vast capacity for and experience in the analysis and formulation of best practice cases;
  • Good knowledge of the economic position of women in BIH. Rich experience in the work with women NGO’s in BIH;
  • Rich experience from previous involvements in economic development issues and particular in economic empowerment of women, cooperative and social entrepreneurship in BIH;
  • Excellent command over local and English language, oral and written. Excellent writing skills in highest quality English and local language.


The Consultant’s bid/application should consist of the following:

  1. Consultant’s CV (preferably in EU Format) or portfolio, with detailed information relevant to the required qualifications.
  2. Draft consultancy plan –implementation plan (schedule) for the consultancy.
  3. Bid – financial offer: The Consultant shall suggest a daily fee/rate in BAM per consultancy day. (Transportation, food and accommodation costs should be included).This includes the generation of content and design of the brochure. The printing costs should be added in the financial offer. These costs will be indicative and will be defined after the final design is approved. There is no standard format for the bid.

The received applications will be evaluated against the below stated criteria:

REFERENCE /HISTORY                     (experience in similar work) METHODOLOGY / APROACH  (appropriateness for the task) KNOWLEDGE /SKILLS (specific for the task) FUNDS                                              (value for money)


We thank to all applicants for their interest. Only those who are to be selected will be contacted. For any additional information concerning the application, please contact:

Branislav Tanasijevic, Project Manager

E-mail: , Sarajevo, 7th June 2021.