COVID-19 Response

Emergency Response

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CARE Balkans’ response to consequences of COVID-19 pandemic are in line with the CARE global approach and the CARE COVID-19 response strategy, which rests upon the delivery of life-saving prevention and response activities to the most vulnerable societal groups and populations, while simultaneously promotes a resilience approach to build future capacities at community, household and individual levels to prevent the re-emergence and spread of the disease. Thus, CARE seeks to protect those that are most vulnerable and marginalised to effectively prevent, increase resilience and cope with the consequence of COVID-19 outbreak in the Western Balkan.

During the pandemic CARE has increased outreach and protection of the most marginalised and vulnerable groups and individuals by mobilising and capacitating local civil society organisations to inform, educate and assist their constituencies in prevention and mitigation of the COVID-19 spread and building resilience for the future outbreaks. CARE and partners have provided life-saving support as well as economic and income-generating assistance to the most vulnerable societal groups and has provided equipment and support to health institutions that are serving the marginalised population groups.

CARE’s COVID-19 response has been supported by: German Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic and private donors.