Šejla Pepić: Roma and Egyptian population in Montenegro was more supported by international organizations than…
The Coronavirus pandemic has brought numerous challenges to the already shaky economies and poor health systems of the Western Balkan countries. From the first diseased and ordered measures to prevent [...]
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New CARE case study capturing COVID 19 response on Young Men Initiative Project Released
The ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 has had a major influence on one of the CAREs longest project implemented in the Balkans – Young Men Initiative (YMI). The YMI targets youth [...]
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CARE helped 54,384 marginalized persons in BiH during the Corona virus pandemic with the financial…
The Czech Republic is one of the first European countries to come to the aid of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Corona virus pandemic. In addition to long development programs, the Czech [...]
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Sumka Bučan about Lipa camp: „What we see around is 1000 people freezing in a…
Sumka Bučan about Lipa camp: „What we see around is 1000 people freezing in a location that has no conditions to shelter people“ Information about the Lipa camp in Bosnia [...]
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CARE: Life-threatening situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina – “Migrants are left with sandals in the…
After the closure of the temporary refugee camp in Lipa (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 1,300 people are still left without any shelter, heating and protection from heavy snowfall and decreasing temperatures. [...]
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Corona Crisis: Survival Kit for Men under pressure
2020-03, MenCare Switzerland It is our profession to support and accompany men. We know from experience that crisis situations increase the risk of losing control and becoming violent. With this [...]
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December 2023