Gender equality

Young Men Initiative (YMI)


The Young Men Initiative (YMI) is evidence-based strategy for engaging young men (and young women) throughout the Western Balkans in the promotion of gender equality and the prevention of violence.

MAIN RESULT: implemented 1057 basic and advance workshops for 4582 male and 942 female participants. By implementing 707 campaign activities, reached 14350 people, indirectly reached around 64,000 people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Croatia, and training on healthy lifestyles methodology developed within the project, M-Program, adopted and taught as part of school curriculum.

Active inclusion and Rights of Roma Women in the Western Balkans (FAIR)


The FAIR project is strengthening women's Roma organizations that promote gender-sensitive national action plans and ensuring their implementation is monitored. It contributes to improving the socio-economic situation of Roma women in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, through their active participation in the formulation and implementation of policy.

MAIN RESULT: 300 Roma women and men participated in educational workshops, and 30 Roma women leaders gained skills for political participation. Through Forum Theatre, 100 children where educated and participated in the theatre plays which were seen by more than 2000 viewers in Roma settlements.

Roma Girls Education Initiative


The Roma Girls Education Initiative is providing access to education and raising awareness about the importance of girls' education in the Roma communities. It is building skills and confidence of Roma girls, and it advocates for greater support to education of Roma women at local, provincial and national authorities.

MAIN RESULT: More than 5000 Roma (7 to 18 years old) girls included in different activities in targeted schools. More than 50.000 Roma and non-Roma - young people, Roma leaders, inhabitants of Roma settlements, state and school officials, reached through education and awareness raising activities.

Women Economic Empowerment in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The WEE is strengthening gender equality and social-economic inclusion of women by reducing poverty and discrimination of women enabling them to compete on the labor market and start-up their own businesses through building their skills and capacities and ensuring their economic participation including the vocational training, business advisory support, and financial assistance to women.

MAIN RESULT: Educated and created employment for 93 women in 12 local communities. Reached over 1000 people through social loan repayments. Established first women agricultural cooperative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Economic Strengthening for a Sustainable Return to Kosov

The specific objective/outcome of the project is to support the sustainable process of return...


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