CARE -two-day training on the topic "Gender concpets" - Ohrid!


A two-day training on gender concepts for the staff of the national Agency of Employment of Macedonia was held on 31/05-06/06 in the hotel Millennium Palace in Ohrid, Macedonia (FYROM), within the CARE Balkans project „Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labour Market” funded by the European Union.

The Agency professionals from Skopje, Bitola, Stip, Kumanovo and Tetovo, together with representatives of 5 members of local civil society organizations were sensitized on the issues of gender equality, imperative for their better understanding of the underprivileged position of women in Macedonian society and the necessity of their engagement in creating a more enabling environment for higher inclusion of women in the labour market. It is expected that the gained knowledge on gender equality will not only help them in their everyday work, but also inform their future programming.

CARE and ANTIKO, the project partner organization, used the training as opportunity to present the project methodology and techniques – set of practical actions to boost higher employment of ethnic minority women, as a project best-practice that can be implemented for all categories of vulnerable populations.

The gathering strengthened relations and communication between the professionals from the local branches of the Agency for Employment and the present civil society organizations to continue the work on supporting economic inclusion of women even beyond project lifespan.



Project: For Active Inclusion & Rights of Roma Women in the Western Balkans III


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