Cross Boarder Visit


FAIR II project has continued to maintain and build capacities of Inter-Sectoral Commissions established during FAIR I project. Inter-Sectoral Commissions consist of institutional representatives and representatives of partner organizations who address individual and/or collective issues of Roma population. This is a local mechanism which improves communication between Roma community and institutions and contributes to faster and more adequate resolution of issues.


6 members Inter-Sectoral Commission from Tuzla: members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of  Tuzla Canton, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Tuzla Canton, Primary School Mejdan, Center for Social Work and Association of Roma Women „Better Future“  had an opportunity to visit members of Montenegrin Coalition: Police Department -  Security Center Nikišić and Center for Social Work Nikšić, Defendology center Nikišć as well as FAIR II partners Center for Roma Initiatives.


During this visit, for the first time, members of local coordination mechanisms had a chance to exhange their experiences at the place and learn from one another with the aim to put into work good practices in regards to prevention of early child marriages. The visit took place June 28 – 30, 2017 and it started with participation of ISC at the conference in Podgorica focused on research of child marriages in Montenegro organized by UNICEF and CRI.


Economic Strengthening for a Sustainable Return to Kosov

The specific objective/outcome of the project is to support the sustainable process of return...


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