Call for Consultants: Desk review on innovative approaches

TERMS OF REFERENCE: FOR THE CONSULTANCY:  Desk review on innovative approaches For the project: Enhanced social protection through building capacity of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Deadline for application: Monday 16th, March 2020, 15h

Purpose of the consultancy

CARE International is looking for a Consultant(s)/ organization/ company to bring the examples from EU of the best innovative approaches to social service provision. Ultimately, the objective is to present best pratices and approaches that can be replicated by and applicable to the 6 CSOs’ context and needs.

Objectives and Description of the Task

On the basis of the current needs of the 6 targeted CSOs and their respective social enterprises CARE plans to engage external trainers/experts in the field of innovative approaches in service provision and sustainable service financing within EU. To bring the examples from EU of the best innovative approaches to social service provision for 6 CSOs.

The consultation on the subject of desk analysis should achieve the following concrete results:

Examination, through online communication with each of the target CSOs, of the current level and type of development of CSOs’ ongoing cooperatives/social businesses with the purpose of finding the best feasible recommendations for implementation by our CSOs,

Identify EU and especially Austrian CSOs with innovative approaches in service provision, suitable for networking with our CSOs, at least two per CSOs,

Communicate and confirm with the EU based player(s), i.e. CSO running a social enterprise and/or providing a social service, their willingness to present and share their practices with respective CSOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina.                 

The project will engage an external expert, professional experienced in social service provision practices in EU member states. Particular attention of the desk study will be paid to examples of engagement of civil socity actors in the sector of social service provision, funding mechanisms, examples of successful cooperation with authorities, implementation of gender equality mechanisms in service provision, etc. It is expected that one of the practices that will be particularly examined would be the one from Austria. The output of this activity will be the expert’s Analysis Report, containing: a) particular solutions of CSOs sustainable engagement in social service provision from the European practice that could be informative for the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina; b) practical recommendations of how the selected examples could be replicated/applicable into the domestic practice, particularly for partner CSOs; c) recommendations for the examples worth examining more in depth (visiting in Austria) by the partner CSOs.

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