CARE International’s Safeguarding Policy


CARE International’s Safeguarding Policy replaces what was previously known as the CARE International Policy on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Child Abuse; it was approved by all CARE National Directors in February 2020 and is effective from 15 April 2020. This CI policy is applicable to all CARE Employees and Related Personnel.

CARE recognises we have a responsibility to protect people we work with, and who work for us, and we will continuously strive to prevent sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse and child abuse from happening. We take seriously all reports of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, and child abuse. Our actions are informed by a survivor-centred approach which means that the needs and wishes of survivors guide our response, that survivors are treated with dignity and respect, and the rights of survivors to privacy and support are prioritised.

CARE has a zero-tolerance approach toward sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, and child abuse. We will carefully examine allegations and investigate, and take appropriate disciplinary action where this is needed, taking into consideration the rights and interests of the survivor, consistent with CARE’s survivor-centred approach. We make very clear that sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, and child abuse in any form, perpetrated by our staff, partners or other related personnel, towards anyone, will not be tolerated.

Our policy is ambitious. In CARE, we want to hold ourselves to high standards which are consistent with our aspirations in advancing gender, equality, human rights and dignity. I therefore want to thank you for supporting our CI Safeguarding Policy.  

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions or require further information about the CI Safeguarding Policy. If you have any concerns, we ask that you tell us so that those who are trained and experienced can support your safety and follow up appropriately. Please contact us via a global on-line reporting mechanism, CARE Line at: or an email address of the CARE Deutschland & Balkans focal point for safeguarding issues:

You can download full text of the policy here!

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