The Association of Roma Women “Bolja Budućnost” on 8th March in Tuzla will mark the beginning of campaign “Month of Roma Women’s Activism”

The Association of Roma Women “Bolja Budućnost” with street action in Tuzla on 8 th March 2021 will mark the beginning of the Campaign Month of Roma Women’s Activism under the slogan “MY RIGHT, NOT PRIVILEGE “. The action will start in front of the City Pharmacy „Korzo“ at 11.00 AM in Tuzla. This year […]

CARE’s regional meeting started today in Sarajevo: Promotion of Roma women rights crucial in Corona pandemic time

Within the regional project “For Active Inclusion and Rights of Roma women in the Western Balkans“ and thanks to the financial support of the Austrian Development Cooperation, Care International Balkans today started three days long meeting in Sarajevo with project partners in order to present the results achived so far and evaluated through mid-term evaluation, […]

CARE National Director Karl-Otto Zentel: International community plus government – durable solution for the migrant situation in BiH

CARE National Director Karl-Otto Zentel visited Bosnia and Herzegovina this week where he spoke with NGO representatives in several cities. Some of the topics with the Association “Zemlja djece u BiH” were living conditions of migrants in Tuzla. In Gračanica while visiting the Association “Tragom tradicije” he learned more about Bosnia-Herzeagovina tradition. He also had […]

Round table in Bijeljina: CARE and ADA strongly support social entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

In order to promote the benefits of social entrepreneurship for the development of the local community, Association „Otaharin“ has organized a round table “Joint Responsibility for the Community Welfare” on 15th February at the Resource Education Center in Bijeljina for representatives of public companies, NGOs, businessmen and social enterprises. This activity has been organized within campaign “Social Entrepreneurship – Joint Responsibility […]

Young man on the move passed trainings in Bosnia and Herzegovina by CARE Manual for gender-transformative activities with boys and young men in crisis situations

After a group of peer educators in Zvornik last year passed training for work according to the CARE’s methodology on Engaging Young Men and Boys in Emergencies derived from the Manual for gender-transformative activities with boys and young men in crisis situations (Program Y) educators had an opportunity through two cycles of training from 13 workshops […]

The latest resource from YMI: Program that deals with youth extremism and radicalisation

The Young Men Initiative (YMI) targets youth in order to build their knowledge and attitudes concerning gender equality and healthy lifestyles, and to reduce all types of violence in school and community environments across the Balkans. CARE and partners organization were developing the new model for working on prevention of extremism and radicalization among youth […]


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