CARE International and SHL-Kosova organized a 12-day International/National Youth Work Camp
For the past 12 days, starting from 11-22 September, our dedicated volunteers have immersed themselves in a journey of learning, growth, and positive action. The Youth Volunteers Camp was designed to enhance [...]
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The second round of training in Digital Marketing is held
During this week CARE, within the “Kosovo Youth Participation” KYP project, organized the second round of 5 days of training in Digital Marketing. Many youngsters gained knowledge in the field [...]
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CARE organizes the next training in Digital Marketing
From May 29 to June 2, CARE International within the “Kosovo Youth Participation” – KYP project organized Digital Marketing training which is taking place at the Vocational Training Center (VTC) [...]
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Over 200 young people attended Job and Internship Fair in Niš
Partner NGO ENECA and CARE on April 23, 2023 organised the Job and Internship Fair  at the  Science Technology Park Niš.  Over 200 young people attended and had the opportunity to meet companies [...]
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More than 200 young people from Kosovo undergo training sessions on human rights and youth…
Over 200 youngsters/participants increased their capacities through two-day training on human rights, representation, advocacy, and mobilization. The participants of this training are young people from the cities of Deçan, Fushë Kosova, Gjakova, Junik, [...]
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Second YMI Partners’ Meeting: “Enable positive environment for the Balkans youth”
Second YMI Partners’ Meeting held in Belgrade: Enable positive environment for Balkans youth In order to enable a positive and peaceful environment for young people in the Balkans through the [...]
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CARE’s Office in Kosovo has launched new project “Kosovo Youth Participation”
CARE International Balkans, Office in Kosovo, in partnership with the local organization SHL-Kosova has launched the “Kosovo Youth Participation” – KYP project, funded by the European Union. On April 29, [...]
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Program E – educational program for working with students in primary schools
After more than three years of research and testing workshops, CARE created for teaching and non-teaching staff of primary schools, relevant institutions, professional staff to work with children and youth, [...]
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Today, on Valentine’s Day, February 14, at exactly 12 o’clock, an online platform for young people officially started to work, in order to raise awareness and inform young people [...]
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EXAMPLES OF POSITIVE PRACTICES: Promoting Human Rights and Inclusion of Roma Women and Youth
About the project: The overall goal / impact of the Project “Promoting Human Rights and Inclusion of Roma Women and Youth” is capacity improvement of selected partner organizations, improvement of [...]
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December 2023