Entrepreneurial Triumph: Marija Miladinovic’s agricultural success fueled by CARE’s strategic support
Marija, a determined and passionate woman from the village of Livade, has always been fascinated by the earth’s hidden treasures – onions and garlic. Her dedication to quality and sustainability [...]
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Terms of Reference:YMI III final evaluation
CALL WAS UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 30, 2023. January 1st, 2021 – December 31st, 2023 Deadline for application: December 4th, 4 p.m. local time. About CARE in the Balkans CARE’s work [...]
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Blossoming Dreams: Rita Gashi’s Journey from Farming to Botany Success with CARE’s Support
Rita has always felt a deep connection to nature and its healing properties. Her dream was to harness the power of medical and aromatic plants to benefit both her community’s [...]
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Besnike Krenzi: How a CARE Grant Transformed a Passion for Bees into a Thriving Beekeeping…
In the calm countryside of Talinofc, Besnike had a dream to create a beekeeping business that would not only support her family but also contribute to the environment. Besnike was [...]
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CARE International and SHL-Kosova organized a 12-day International/National Youth Work Camp
For the past 12 days, starting from 11-22 September, our dedicated volunteers have immersed themselves in a journey of learning, growth, and positive action. The Youth Volunteers Camp was designed to enhance [...]
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Four women’s business clubs initiated within the IWKA project
In an inspiring week that just passed, we marked a significant milestone – the successful launch of the “Women’s Business Club.”, held in the respective municipalities of the women beneficiaries: [...]
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CARE supports 20 women from Kosovo to start businesses in agriculture and food processing
20 grants contracts were signed to support agricultural businesses and startups of women from Prishtina/Priština, Graçanica/Gračanica, Ferizaj/Uroševac and Junik, within the framework of the CARE Balkans project “IWKA – Including [...]
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The second round of training in Digital Marketing is held
During this week CARE, within the “Kosovo Youth Participation” KYP project, organized the second round of 5 days of training in Digital Marketing. Many youngsters gained knowledge in the field [...]
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SERBIA: Over 80 participants attended the Conference on integration of returnees and inclusion of vulnerable…
The advocacy conference “It’s worth it! challenges, obstacles and opportunities for the integration of returnees and vulnerable citizens – experiences from South-East Serbia was organised yesterday in Belgrade. The goal [...]
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CARE organizes the next training in Digital Marketing
From May 29 to June 2, CARE International within the “Kosovo Youth Participation” – KYP project organized Digital Marketing training which is taking place at the Vocational Training Center (VTC) [...]
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December 2023