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CARE International Balkans: Unconditional support to all women who have bravely decided to report sexual…
CARE International Balkans expresses  its unconditional support to all women who have bravely decided to report sexual harassment and abuse and thus point to  the  problems deeply rooted in our societies. Everyone [...]
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CARE helped 54,384 marginalized persons in BiH during the Corona virus pandemic with the financial…
The Czech Republic is one of the first European countries to come to the aid of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Corona virus pandemic. In addition to long development programs, the Czech [...]
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Sumka Bučan about Lipa camp: „What we see around is 1000 people freezing in a…
Sumka Bučan about Lipa camp: „What we see around is 1000 people freezing in a location that has no conditions to shelter people“ Information about the Lipa camp in Bosnia [...]
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CARE: Life-threatening situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina – “Migrants are left with sandals in the…
After the closure of the temporary refugee camp in Lipa (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 1,300 people are still left without any shelter, heating and protection from heavy snowfall and decreasing temperatures. [...]
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Stop Gender Based Violence Now!
Globally 1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual violence, usually by an intimate partner, in their lifetime. GBV is rooted in gender inequalities at the societal level as well [...]
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Economic Strengthening for Sustainable Return to Kosovo
CARE has successfully implemented the EU funded project "Economic Strengthening for Sustainable Return to Kosovo*" project in cooperation with partner organisation @NVO Nexus Vranje. The project supported 98 small businesses [...]
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Response on COVID19
In cooperation with 10 local partner organisations from the region CARE is implementing project „Containing the spreading and mitigating the most severe negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic among marginalized [...]
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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Roma Communities in BiH
Within the project For Active Inclusion and Rights of Roma Women (FAIR III) funded by Austrian Development Agency, CARE's partner organisation Uzr Bolja Buducnost Tuzla presented the findings of the research and an [...]
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CARE Partner Bolja Budućnost Helps Tuzla
Within the project “CARE for Western Balkans response to COVID-19”, funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and implemented by CARE International Balkans, Roma Women's Association "Better Future" Tuzla have [...]
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How Volunteers from Vranje fight COVID 19
Free services of preventive examinations on the field provided by the Center for Prevention of the Health Center in Vranje have been suspended with the declaration of a pandemic. Within [...]
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January 2021