Municipality of Modriča and UG “Budućnost” together in the fight for a better position of…
Mayor of Modriča Jovica Radulović and representatives of the Association of Citizens “Budućnost” signed an Agreement on Cooperation today, in order to strengthen mutual cooperation and improve the position of [...]
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Round table in Bijeljina held on April 22nd: Possibilities for the registration of commercial farms…
Another round table in a row on Strengthening the System of Services in Employment of Marginalized Categories – “Joint Responsibility for the Welfare of the Community” was held in Bijeljina [...]
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Round table in Modriča: COVID-19 pandemic showed that social entrepreneurship and solidarity are essential for…
Yesterday in Modriča, the Association of Citizens Budućnost organized a round table entitled “Joint responsibility for the well-being of the community”. The aim of the round table was to promote the benefits [...]
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CARE’s partnership meeting was held in Modriča today: Marginalized groups have the right to work
CARE International Balkans and five BiH non-governmental organizations held today  in Modriča a partnership meeting on which they discussed implemented and planned activities for 2021 on the project “Enhanced social [...]
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Round table in Bijeljina: CARE and ADA strongly support social entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
In order to promote the benefits of social entrepreneurship for the development of the local community, Association „Otaharin“ has organized a round table “Joint Responsibility for the Community Welfare” on 15th February at [...]
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Enhanced social protection by building capacities of the civil society organizations (CSOs) in Bosnia and…
The brochure “Enhanced social protection by building capacities of the civil society organizations (CSOs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina” was created within the project of the same name, funded by the [...]
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March 2023